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Helping people making decisions, building structures in facilitating change. Fixing fundamentals/foundation’s of broken perception, moving through phases, accommodating the present moving to the endless possibilities of the future.

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Our aim is to promote the development of coaching psychology as a professional activity and clarify the benefits of psychological approaches within coaching practice. We are committed to fostering excellence in coaching practice through: research, events, publications, discussion and professional development. Our vision is to promote and develop the science, profession and discipline of Coaching Psychology and Integrative Neuropsychology Coaching. As a practitioner who are concerned in promoting Coaching Psychology as an evidence based multidisciplinary body of knowledge and practice. 

Mauritz (Mo) Fensham

Brain Therapist

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Mauritz Fensham is a Brain Health Therapist with a background in Neuropsychology and holds multiple degrees, including Psychotherapy, Professional cognitive behavioral therapy, and Sports Psychology. Mauritz spends much of his time in the trenches so to speak, serving people in Hong Kong with a passion for helping them and others around the world to master his key philosophy:

“The more you understand how your brain works, the better you will work your brain and truly tap into its unimaginable power”.

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Helping people is my way of living a meaningful life .

I’ve been coaching people of all walks of life with great success across South East Asia.

Mauritz posses the talent, experience, and training to truly be a competent neuropsychologist. His professionalism has been nothing less than stellar. I highly recommend him!

Fernanda Bastos 1st degree connection

With his extensive knowledge in both psychology and neuroscience, I was engaged in the unlimited potential our humans can cultivate.

Rron Rizavanolli I help online coaches and consultants scale their business

Mauritz or Mo as he is popularly known as has a deep understanding of how the brain and mind works and is on a mission to educate anyone who is keen on tapping into the limitless power of their own minds. He is a keen listener and is able to quickly identify the problem areas in people's thinking patterns and tailor-make appropriate solutions to address them. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge of the working of their brain and mind and how by gaining mastery over their thoughts, they can take charge of their lives.

John Jacob, CFP Wealth Management and Investment Advisory Professional

Mauritz posses the talent, experience, and training to truly be a competent neuropsychologist. His professionalism has been nothing less than stellar. I highly recommend him!

Wendy Newman 1st degree connection

I am truly fortunate to have publication association with Mo. Who is having exceptional expertise in Neuropsychology and Brain Science? It's been a pleasure to have an association with Mo and I wish to have the same active participation in the journal activities all the time. Thank you once again, Mo and you earn my highest recommendation

Marco losa EC Psychology and Psychiatry

He's extremely effective in he's coaching approach and facilitating change effectively.

Quayyum Shaikh Managing Director at Black Whale

I had a chance to have ICF coaching course in BKK with him. and I have always inspired his deep insight. He is very gentle, intelligent, calm and confident. I really enjoyed being his company.

Dr. Mizuyo Matsumoto

Mauritz Frensham is a very dedicated/very knowledgeable/ very genuine person. Anyone who is serious about improving their fitness/health will benefit greatly from working with him.

John Edmundson Director at The Ernest Bell Library

It is my great pleasure to know Mauritz personally and professionally. Any people have a brief encounter with him can immediately sense a fascinating combination of both strength and kindness in his charismatic personality. Mauritz’s wisdom and professional knowledge in actualizing human potential for infinite growth and change truly impress me and surely entice one to have hours of inspiring intellectual exchange with him.

Jackie Chan, Psy.D. (陳曉洋博士) Chartered Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, Counselor Educator

I have known Mo Fensham for over twenty years and continue to have the most utmost respect for him, as a friend, personal training coach and tutor to both my children. Mo is a very kind, genuine and truly open-hearted person who really has an amazing rapport and connection with whoever has the fortune to meet and get to know him. He is knowledgeable and highly educated and is able to use this expertise when working alongside his clients. He has a very powerful impact with children, teenagers and adults. Mo worked closely with my son who required very specific support and guidance. My son was able to relate and connect with Mo on many levels and was thus able to gain confidence in himself. Mo had a very powerful message of resilience and growth mindset. Mo is a very motivational coach and trainer. He is committed and engaging. I would recommend anyone to work alongside such a kind, genuine person.

Colleen Osborne

Mauritz is a highly effective tutor and educator with a holistic approach. Since beginning private tuitions with him, my 9 year old daughter has greatly improved not just in her academic performance but more importantly in her overall attitude to learning and dealing with challenges.

Grace Chan Legal and Compliance Specialist | CIPP/E, CIPM |

Cannot recommend highly enough - guided me through a really complicated period - with rich questionning and strong support I was able to make some life changing decisions with clarity and I am, absolutely, the better for it. Thank you with all my heart.

Ines Topps EYFS Stage Leader at Lee-on-the-Solent Infant and Nursery School

I am Very Fortunate to know Mauritz Fensham. He has such a Great Personality and a Sincere Big Heart to Help Anyone He Can. He is Very Confident and Competent in his Coaching Ability. He uses NLP and Powerful Questions in his Coaching to help me Breakthrough 20 years of sadness and hurts that I kept inside me and now I feel so Free and Confident of Myself again. He helped me to have a Goal and a Clear Vision that I can do Great Business in Hong Kong and I am very Confident that I can do very well because of his Continuous Support and Coaching. He is Dedicated Professional with an Extremely High Work Ethic and a Very Responsible person. I Highly Recommend him for anyone who wants to have a Life Changing Experience / Finding The Purpose in Your Life and Achieving all Your Goals / Overcome Personal Issues / Getting Rid of Bad Habits in order to Achieved Results / Finding your Goals and Step by Step how to achieved it and to have Confidence and Stronger Believe in Yourself that you can Achieved Anything that You Want to Achieved with a Good Intentions.

Elaine Grace Tan Business Development President at BDRL. Limited

Mauritz is without a consummate professional who has not only the required expertise and understanding of his field but also the emotional intelligence and depth of care needed for developing human relationships. This authenticity is in all honesty hard to find everywhere that you go; his level of calm combined with an indepth insight into the world that we live in only adds to his professional appeal

Benjamin Edmunds Director Of Initiatives at KPIS International School, Certified ICF Coach (ASCTH), NLP Master Practitioner

Mauritz is a natural leader when it comes to connection, care, direction and improvement. With his readiness and NLP knowledge and insights he makes a deep impact on people and creates instant results. With his active listening and in-depth knowledge on emotional intelligence and coaching he has helped me to gain positive perspective. If you are looking for one of the most authentic, agile, calm and knowledgeable coach with highest standards of professional integrity- I will highly recommend Mauritz to you.

Deepty Tiwari NLP Coach and trainer, Coach (ICF certified), Practitioner timeline therapy and Independent Consultant

Mauritz has a very high work ethic and truly committed to serve he's clients with sincere passion and care. He's deep insight in a combination of NLP, psychotherapy, coaching and cognitive behaviour therapy is evident in he's result. He is extremely people focused and principles driven with a great understanding of people's behaviour and emotions to mention a few.

Dr.LAM林絢琛PhD MIPA,AFA,FIIPAA,FCMI,FCICFO,PMP Chancellor, Chartered Institute of China Family Office

after a quick message regarding a head injury as a child, Mauritz has given me so much information which has answered so many worrying thoughts. After spending years with drs being diagnosed with depression and ibs, I collected an inhaler from my gp recently and immediately felt better. I was telling Mauritz about this who went on to explain what has been happening to me and told me how it would effect me. I couldn't have described it better my self. I am lost for words at the relief. excited to learn more. Thank you Mauritz x

Endy Newman Rapid response at NHS

I met Mo a few times and we had the chance to talk, I was immediately impressed by his clarity of mind and genuine interest in sharing his knowledge with others. He's an inspiration who is able to reduce your mental noise, bringing a calm motivation to do more.

Alberto Marrassini Chief Executive Officer at Coop Italian Food North America Inc.

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The ongoing praise and results of our clients are our strongest trademark.